Top 8 Vastu Tips For Your Home


Having a place to call a home is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Yes, it is. After all, your home is the most prized possession of all. It is where you seek comfort, solace and the warmth of your family members. Because possessing a house is so important to anyone, creating happy vibes within it is also necessary.

But, how can you ensure that? With Vastu Shastra or the “science of architecture”.

Several traditional beliefs across the globe state that once a person starts living in a house, he or she comes under the influence of a specific energy field. And sooner or later, those energies start influencing that person.

While this “belief” might not have many takers in this time and age, Vastu Shastra does revolve around a strong subject: spreading positive energies in homes. It doesn’t force upon any structural changes in the house. But, it does suggest a few steps that one must take to ensure its good health:

1. Put A Nameplate Outside The Door:


According to Vastu Shastra, this ensures that bigger and better opportunities will knock on your door. Having a nameplate on the door or just outside the house also stands for “ownership”. It works in favour of the owners and brings in positive energies to the house.

2. Sort Out Clutter Repeatedly:


Don’t you feel extremely relaxed when your home is spic ‘n’ span? Or when you have sorted out your wardrobe or study table? Well, that feeling also has got to do with Vastu. It states that cleanliness is a way to positivity.

And the sooner you try to do away with the clutter in your home, the better it is. Dispose-off things you haven’t used for a year. Don’t hoard the homely spaces. Dust every corner, appliance, and furniture of your home properly.

Keep everything in a neat fashion. Clutter adds confusion and can result in arguments among family members. A clean house means a clear mind and that results in lots of peaceful energies.

3. Avoid Unpleasant Sights:

Don’t place thorny plants such as cactus and other prickly shrubs inside the house. Vastu states that this kind of flora tracks back negative energies to the house.

If you are a fan of decorating the spaces with plastic flowers and plants, avoid that too. And if you really want to beautify your home with flowers, use real ones! Ever imagined why your eyes widen with amazement and your face lights up with a smile whenever you see fresh flowers?

That is because they exude warmth and happiness! Who wouldn’t want that in their homes?

4. Use The Power Of Lemons, Holy Water & Salt:

The easiest way to shoo away negative energies from the house is by placing a lemon in a glass of water – that should be religiously changed every

If you have Holy water, pour some into little bowls and place them in dark or unused corners of the house. That will ensure a flow of positive energy across spaces. Similarly, keep bowls of salt in less ventured corners of your home. Salt is believed to absorb all negative energies.

5. No Mirrors In The Bedroom:

It is almost impossible to imagine not having a mirror in the bedroom. After all, it is the only room in the entire house where you get dressed up.

However, according to Vastu, mirror in bedrooms causes ill health and family discords. So if you can’t banish the mirror from your bedroom, then cover it with a sheet before sleeping. Also, make sure that it is placed far away from the bed.

6. Don’t Keep Medicines In The Kitchen:


You must have observed that it is a very common advice. The kitchen stands for “health” and “happiness” and the word “medicine” doesn’t exactly have a positive meaning. Therefore, don’t stock your medicines in the kitchen. Find a more neutral place for them – such as – the bathroom?

7. Light Lamps Or Burn Incense Sticks:


Fire is believed to be a powerful cosmic cleanser. This is why, in almost all Hindu ceremonies, a “hawan” takes place for a fresh start. Vastu advises to burn earthen lamps and incense sticks in the house twice a day – morning and evening.

8. Avoid An Irritating Doorbell:


Any sound that is not exactly soothing or relaxing should most definitely be avoided in a house. When it comes to selecting a doorbell, make sure it is a pleasant one – otherwise, it will end up spoiling the mood of your home.

If you really want to change the look & feel of your home through Vastu, go ahead. Also, make sure that you always maintain an upbeat tempo within yourself and stay positive. The happier you are, happier the energies around you will be.
Author: Asavari a Marketer who believes in the power of pure, good Content. A multitasker by nature, She strategies, writes & manages Content & Social Media for a variety of startups and online platforms. You can follow her on Twitter: @asavarish.

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