Buying A House? Check Out Must-Have Documents Afte...

Buying A House? Check Out Must-Have Documents After Property Registration

Documents for Property Registration

Buying a house? You might be completely ready with the financial and transaction angle, but do you know about important documents that a buyer must collect from the builder after property registration.

Buying a house from the builder is a long drawn process which requires a lot of paperwork and various documents to be submitted as well as received to/from representatives of different agencies/institutions.

Here’s a list of important documents that a buyer has to obtain from property developer after property registration and before actual possession.

Allotment Letter

The Allotment letter is an important document that a buyer should obtain from the property developer. This letter includes all the details regarding the flat, the payment options and other charges that you may have to pay in case of maintenance or additional facilities. It also includes other details like construction schedule, house plans and possession date.

If you are booking an under-construction property and planning to avail a home loan, then allotment letter plays a vital role. It gives complete details about the amount of money that the homebuyer has already paid to the developer, and on the basis of this document the buyer can get easily financed by the bank.

Builder-Buyer Agreement

After property registration make sure that you receive a Builder – Buyer Agreement from the builder. The builder – Buyer agreement is an important document for both builder and buyer. This document holds all the necessary terms, clauses and legal implications from the buyer and developer in case there is a default from either side.

The builder – Buyer Agreement is meant to guard the rights of both buyer and developer. Some of the necessary points that you should check before signing are:

  • Project time frame

  • Terms and clauses related to payment

  • Interest, penalties and default charges of the buyer

  • Approvals and authorizations obtained by the builder for project construction

  • Approved layout plans

  • Title and project ownership

  • Funding source

  • Clauses on payments refund in case the development fails or is not completed

Copy Of Possession Certificate

Once the buyer has received all the amenities that the builder has promised at the time of purchase like room sizes, amenities and other important features then buyer has to sign a document called Possession Certificate. There are two copies of a possession certificate signed by the buyer, one copy is with buyer and one is with builder.

Occupancy Certificate

Certificate of Occupancy is an important document and is a solid proof of the construction and completion of the building as per the permissible plans and in compliance with the local laws related to it. This certificate is issued by local bodies like the city corporation or the municipality. As per law, the builder has no authority to give the possession of the property to its owners, for any purpose whatsoever, unless he has acquired an occupancy certificate for the same.

Full payment break-up

Full payment break-up has all the payment details made by the buyer to the property developer towards possession of the property. It also indicates that there are ‘No Dues’ from the buyer towards the builder.

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