5 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

Eco Friendly Home

It doesn’t matter if you have bought a newly built apartment or moved into a pre-owned one, having your own place certainly brings out the “home improvement” itch in all of us. From getting necessary repair work done to undertaking maintenance tasks – home improvement is a continuous process and a time-consuming one.

But now that everyone has grown increasingly eco-friendly, houses are also getting a green makeover. Many advantages of the same are cost effectiveness, reduced carbon footprint and healthier families living in a less polluted environment.

If you are also planning to go eco-friendly in your next home improvement project, here is a list of things you can actually do – without sacrificing your comfort or style:

1. Replace Old Appliances With Energy Savers

Old Appliances With Energy Savers

Once your home tools (such as washing machine, air conditioner, dishwasher and geyser to name a few) are on the verge of giving in, replace them with energy-conscious appliances. For instance, buying a small air conditioner (to save money) for the master bedroom is not an intelligent move.


Because you will end up running it constantly – and thus increase your carbon footprint, along with the monthly electricity bill. Therefore, choose an appliance that is apt for your bedroom and at the same time, saves energy and is easy on your pocket.

Also, don’t make a decision in haste. Whatever you buy should fulfill your needs properly too.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Although traditional light bulbs exude a warmer light, they consume much electricity. LED bulbs and CFL lights are the best “green” choices as they last longer, save lots of energy and don’t turn hot after prolonged use.

In addition to this, you can also get dimmer switches installed in every bedroom of your home to control the use of electricity. You can actually avoid spending too much (for no rhyme or reason) by keeping the lighting of your home at 80% of full power.

Fortunately, these lighting options also come in various designs and sizes. So you have varied good-looking lights to choose from!

3. Consider Your Furniture Consciously

Recycled Tyre Chair

Photo Credits: e X p o s e / Shutterstock.com

Furniture make or break the overall look of a house. In order to keep the decor stylish yet eco-friendly, you can opt for pre-owned furniture pieces for your home. They are inexpensive and give you the liberty to repurpose them, in whichever way you want to.

Buying furniture made of recycled or reclaimed wood such as teak is also a good way to go. The end results are as good as new. Even after recycling, the quality of the wood is retained. So you don’t have to worry about frequent scratches and dents on the furniture pieces.

In the bigger picture, even if you save one tree from falling, that’s an achievement!

4. Give Your Floors A Makeover

Flooring Makeover Ideas

There are certain kinds of flooring that contribute to indoor air contamination. This happens due to the volatile organic compounds (VOC) used while they’re being manufactured. Materials such as linoleum and natural-fiber carpets are made from renewable resources. They are extremely durable.

You can opt for carpet-type flooring that is made from grasses and reeds. Other than this, flooring made of bamboo, hardwood, stone and ceramic are also popular options. They are easy to maintain and don’t let dirt or dust settle on the tiles.

5. Set Up A Kitchen Garden

Thyme for Kitchens


You don’t have to live in a bungalow with sprawling lawns to enjoy the lavishness of a kitchen garden. Place a few small ceramic containers or wooden boxes on the window sill to grow nutritious herbs such as parsley and thyme right in your kitchen.


You can even hang shelves on any empty wall in the kitchen. That will give you more space to grow a variety of plants and herbs. The most amazing advantage of having a kitchen garden is that the air in the room gets continually purified.

Plus, any vegetable or fruit that is home-grown is more nutritious and delicious!

Although this process can be painstaking – in terms of time, money and energy – the results are phenomenal. Your home will exude freshness from every corner and room. And the magic happened because you made conscious, greener choices. That has got to count for something, right?

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