Smart Homes: A Growing Trend In India!

Smart Homes: A Growing Trend In India!

Smart Home

In the 21st century, technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lifestyles. Things that were considered farfetched are now becoming a part of day to day routine. Technology has already changed the way we communicate with our loved ones, but now is changing the way we live too.

We have seen how old phones evolved into smartphones and how the plain mosquito coil transformed into a smart card (mosquito repellant card)! How about turning your home into a smart home?

What is Smart Home?

Image a situation wherein you are relaxing on your sofa and asking your home to switch on the lights and TV or control the room temperature. Or even better, imagine if the door of your house opens automatically on your arrival and then the lights turn on. Who wouldn’t love being able to control room temperature, lighting and security systems through one single click on your smart phone or remote which is not only handy but also enhances aesthetics of the home and its overall security?

No, this is not just imagination. Equipped with all these features and technology, “Smart Homes” is a growing trend in India that has gone from button-press security systems to controlling and observing your home from anywhere. All you need is a smart home device and the smart home app on your smartphone, which uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other radio signals, to control the appliances and devices installed in your home.

Famous Trends in Smart Home Technology:

Wireless Power Controls: Home automation, allows you to control various electronic equipment such as lights, kitchen appliances, air-conditioners etc. via your smart phones or tablets with the touch of your finger.

Automated Door Locks: One can easily controlled and managed automated door locks with smartphone.

– Advanced Security Systems: You can easily keep an eye on your kids, make sure they’re doing their homework and not watching TV. Also, you can set up and arm your security system and other alarms while you’re away with the touch of a button.

Why Do You Need Smart Homes?

– Saves power: When you connect your smartphone with your smart lighting devices you can send a command to switch them off.

– Security: Security is the main priority for residential complexes which is why installing home security devices is a smart decision. The cameras and the motion sensors that are part of smart home devices will track every movement in the house, and these devices will even be able to differentiate between a pet and a thief.

– Comfort: You can easily control various electronic equipment such as lights, kitchen appliances, air-conditioners etc. via your smart phones or tablets. This essentially makes managing a house much more convenient for the majority of our target group, which includes young working couples.

With growth of nuclear families and rise in disposable income, Indians are willing to spend extra for comfort, style and safety and it is only a matter of time before home automation systems also become common.

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