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Imagine a mansion with state-of-the-art facilities, located in a super posh locality of a metro city? Having a home like this might not be your dream, but it is a dream for some. However, to buy a larger-than-life home, one needs to mint money all the time!

And that is not possible…unless they are a businessman or a celebrity.

The Rich & Famous have many indulgences – one of which is creating a humble (read: luxurious) abode for themselves. Since India is home to some of the world’s well-known industrialists and celebrities, it is not surprising to know that they have splurged on their residential properties (and how).

Have a look:

  1. Antilia, Mumbai

Antilia Building Mumbai India


                                                  Source: IndianRealtyBytes

Owned by Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, this 550-foot skyscraping, 27-storey mansion, is built on a 49,000-square-foot plot. Did you know that it has more floor space than the magnificent Palace of Versailles in France?

At Antilia, there’s no room for repetition – which is why no floor is alike, in terms of both design and materials used. And if anyone wants to beat the Mumbai heat, they can chill out in the “snow room” that showers man-made snowflakes.

The Ambani home is equipped with a ballroom, a 50-seat movie theatre, a health spa, an ice-cream room and multiple swimming pools and dance studios. No doubt, it requires a total staff of 600 to maintain the world’s most expensive house ever built.

  1. The Ruia Mansion, New DelhiRuia House, New Delhi


                       Source: Business Insider

This 2.4-acre property, situated at Tees January Marg, is owned by Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia of the Essar Group. This property was bought at a whopping INR 92 crore. It has a huge swimming pool and a sprawling colonial lawn.

The Ruia brothers also have a home in Mumbai and London, along with a farmhouse in Gujarat. But this lavish bungalow is their most expensive property out of all. Some of their neighbours include the Mittals and the Singhanias. 

  1. JK House, Mumbai

JK House, Mumbai


Source: Indiatimes

Currently under construction, Raymond Group scion Gautam Singhania’s new residential property is located in South Mumbai’s Breach Candy locality. It is expected to stand tall at a height of 145 metres with 37 floors – out of which 6 are reserved for parking, 1 each for a helipad, a museum (showcasing the owner’s enviable collection of Jade) and a health centre.

Each family member will each have an apartment that has all the basic (luxury) amenities. The upper floors will offer a spectacular view of the Maximum City. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? 

  1. The Jindal Mansion, New Delhi

The Jindal Mansion, New Delhi



Industrialist-turned-politician Naveen Jindal bought this heritage bungalow back in 2006 and today it is estimated to be of a whopping amount of INR 150 crore! The 3-acre plot sits in Lutyen’s Bungalow Heritage Zone – an area where the property prices have increased by 8 times in the last decade itself!

Due to Jindal’s growing presence in politics, the mansion is heavily guarded at all times. The residential property boasts of top notch facilities. Major neighbours of Jindal include the likes of millionaires such as Lakshmi N. Mittal, Sunil Mittal and KP Singh. The mansion’s sprawling lawns offer a sight to behold!


  1. Cabins, Mumbai

Ratan Tata Home - Cabins, Mumbai


Source: ConceptInsider

The ex-Chairman of Tata Group, Ratan Tata, maintains a modern sea-facing bungalow in the southern part of the city – Colaba. The 13,350-square feet home is basically a studio apartment that divided into 7 levels and 3 floors.

For instance, the ground floor comprises a living room, a kitchen, a study and a bedroom – all of which are lifted a few feet above the ground. Now that’s called “decor extraordinaire”!

There is an infinity pool on the roof, a media room, a lounge and a parking space for 10 cars. There is also a sun deck, a barbecue corner and a gym. This sea-facing residential property is priced at INR 125-150 crore.

Looking at the exorbitant market value of all these properties, it is safe to say the houses make a sound investment indeed! Some people may just like a simple, comfortable home to live in. But these industrialists certainly want more than that – and they have made sure their house takes care of not only the basic amenities but also their whims and fancies.


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