5 Types Of Security Guards In A Society

5 Types Of Security Guards In A Society

Security Guards for Housing Society

Security guards on duty are a common sight in a housing society. In fact, they form an important part of any residential locality. From keeping a check on all cars parked on the right spots and closely monitoring the one coming to and going from the society to providing help to the residents on an immediate basis – a security guard has a lot on his plate.

Most importantly, it is the duty of the security guard to ensure that his residents are safe and sound and comfortable. You will agree that your life becomes a little easier with a security guard around – even if his help is restricted to helping you park the car or carrying the luggage to your home.

We, at Superise, bring you 5 types of security guards you will normally find in your society:

1. Attitude Vale Bhaiya

Security Guard Attitude

Yep. He thinks he is the “cool dude” of your society. He is usually seen either talking or listening to music on his “smartphone”. He is least interested to work – and just pretends to work. He walks in style and has an aura of arrogance on his face.

In fact, he focuses more on telling stories to other security guards. When asked to do something by the security head or a resident, he immediately calls one of his “chosen” colleagues to finish the task. He is your typical attitude

2. Society’s Most Helpful Member

This type of security guard is completely reliable. Whether you are taking out grocery bags from the car or facing trouble in parking your car – this guy is there – extending his hand to help you. Moreover, he takes out time to help you locate an address and lets you know when the society office is open.

He is the kind of person who is always at your service – no matter what. In simpler words, he is a life saviour – and you don’t mind tipping him or even handing down old clothing or home equipments to him every now and then!

3. Happy-Go-Lucky

Happy Security Guard

He is polite, civil and most importantly, happy! There is hardly a time when is angry or irritated. And even if he is, the emotion hardly ever shows on his face. He is the one who loves to crack jokes and make his colleagues laugh.

There is never a dull moment when is around. He is the storyteller of his group and he is much adored for that. Besides, he is popular among the residents – especially children – because of his frivolous banter.

4. The Dog Lover

He loves dogs. If you have one, chances of him offering to take your pet for his daily walks are high. A general conversation with him is next to impossible if he is busy playing with the animal. And, to get his attention is a real task!

To get him to talk to you, start a conversation about dogs. Ask him a question on his favourite breed or whatever – and notice how quickly he notices you and listens to what you have to say to him, even if it is not related to dogs!

5. He-Who-Knows-Nothing

Sleeping security guard

Yep. He “literally” doesn’t know anything about happenings in the society. Whenever asked about personnel, society office timings or a person’s address – he wouldn’t know anything. He is the guy who blankly stares at you when asked something.

He is mostly seen taking a round of the society or even sleeping– but without any aim or action. Chances are he won’t be of much help either if you ask him to do something. His dullness can irritate you to no extent.

Even his colleagues feel he is a nuisance for not understanding any of the instructions clearly. Basically, he is the opposite of a go-getter.

Despite all the quirks and habits of a security guard, he puts in a substantial amount of time and energy to make sure your residential area is safe and secure. Without him, it is impossible to finish off even the slightest tasks in hand. So respect a security guard – no matter however he is.


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